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Why top firms are automating legal intake (and why you should, too)

Cut through the information overload Law firms have long acted for clients involved in controversies from environmental…

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Fundraising prospect research: Where your current process is falling short

Prospect research is a powerful tool that can mitigate risk, uncover new donor opportunities, and support stronger relationships. But are organizations using it to its full potential?

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Client onboarding in law firms: How to overcome bottlenecks

PEP and sanctions screening software are commonplace in law firms, but onboarding remains a manual process that…

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Donor due diligence: why it matters and what’s required

Universities and nonprofits that receive charitable gifts must do their utmost to protect their reputation. But where to start?

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Rethinking due diligence

Existing tools and practices are insufficient in the digital age. We need to rethink what due diligence means and how we conduct it.

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Using due diligence to grow

Going beyond official requirements protects your institution. But done effectively, it can draw out growth opportunities.

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