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The growing need for qualitative information in customer due diligence

Law firms must shift their focus towards understanding the narrative behind PEPs, sanctions and watchlist datasets In…

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The general counsel’s guide to open source information

In 2024, companies are expected to report on various topics, including environmental issues, worker treatment, anti-corruption measures,…

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Examples of when adverse media screening was crucial

A recent study from the University of Notre Dame revealed that some companies strategically release unrelated press…

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Protecting corporate reputation in the age of the conscientious consumer

Consumer activism is nothing new; one of the most famous and long-lasting consumer boycotts, against food manufacturer…

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How AI can transform your supply chain due diligence

Supply chain due diligence is now a corporate necessity

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Xapien: How it works 

When it comes to due diligence, you need comprehensive research with maximum efficiency. But it’s easier said…

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