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5 use cases for RegTech in the legal industry

In today’s fast-evolving regulatory landscape, legal firms need to work at speed, processing large volumes of data…

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What are Large Language Models, and how does Xapien use them?  

Large Language Models: what are they, how do they work, and why do we use them?  In…

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How AI is impacting RegTech, and why it’s the future for firms

Have you seen the United States Code of Federal Regulations? The first chapter of Title 12 is…

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How legal firms can start billing clients quicker with AI-enabled taxi reports

When meeting new clients in the past, you might have looked them up in the back of…

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Regulatory compliance and remote training

The dangers of tick box compliance and remote training in legal firms 

Regulatory compliance is the cornerstone of every law firm and its practitioners. The case of Yevgeny Prigozhin…

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Why nonprofits should use open source intelligence for prospect research

As a prospect research or fundraising professional, it might feel like you’ve already got information overload from search…

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