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20 questions to ask: Law firm buyers guide to compliance tools

Onboarding new clients is where compliance teams put their knowledge into action.

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4 types of reputational risk tools in 2024

Prevent reputational damage with the right tool for your organisation. 86% of executives surveyed last year pointed…

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6 best legal software platforms for 2024

The legal sector is undergoing a digital transformation. Client onboarding, litigation, and M&A matters all benefit from…

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Must have prospect donor research tools for 2024

Proactive pipeline-building is a huge priority for prospect research teams this year. Yet, most prospect research teams often find themselves caught up in reactive requests, leaving little room for proactive efforts.

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SRA Risk Outlook report: Familiarity is key to AI adoption in law firms

In November 2023, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) published their Risk Outlook report on the use of artificial intelligence in the legal market.

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What you need to know about Xapien and the EU’s AI Act

TLDR: The Act doesn’t currently restrict or otherwise apply to Xapien’s product and our users due to how…

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